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Most frequent questions and answers

The Grenada Sustainable Development Trust Fund (the Fund) is a non-profit company established and existing under the laws of Grenada and registered under company number 21 0f 2016 – 7489. The Fund was founded in 2016 by the Government of Grenada, Community, and Private Sector, to catalyze and support the conservation and effective management of coastal, marine and terrestrial ecosystem and sustainable development activities in Grenada.  We provide long-term reliable funding to various organisations for the economic and social development of the communities.  Visit our About Us to learn more about our programs and projects for funding.

Your gift, together with other support, will help us provide resources to protect, conserve and effectively managed Grenada’s coastal, marine and terrestrial ecosystems. 

We work closely with other government and non government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, Environment and Fisheries Departments; The Global Environmental Fund (GEF), Caribbean Biodiversity fund (CBF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and (GIZ)  in the coordination of programs and projects.

Eighty percent (80%) of all funds collected going directly to our programs while twenty percent (20%) goes towards operational expenses.

The GSDTF’s Tax number is # 24816330.

Cheques or Money Order should be mailed to:

Grenada Sustainable Development Trust Fund

P.O. Box 4003

Burns Point

St. George’s

Grenada, West Indies

 (Include a note if you would like the donation to be used for a particular project or chapter.)

Please contact the GSDTF’s Secretariat at 1-473-232-0867  or email [email protected] to be guided in the process.

Please contact us at our Supporter Center at or 473-232-0867 Monday-Friday 8 am-5pm.

Yes, you can donate to the GSDTF if you live outside of Grenada.  Your donation will be charged in US dollars or the equivalent to the EC currency.  You can donate to the GSDTF by visiting and click the Donate Icon and follow the instructions.

We are delighted that you have interest in protecting the environment for the future.  Please visit our Careers Page to search for available vacancies.

We offer internships and fellowships year round that provide work experience and personal development.  Our internship program is voluntary and runs the length of a Semester or during the summer period.   To be part of the program, please forward the request to the CEO at [email protected] with a resume and two (2) references.  

Web donation shows up approximately twenty-four (24) hours after the transaction is completed.  If after 24 hrs the receipt is not generated please contact the support centre.   Additionally, upon receipt of a donation, an official receipt will be forwarded to the donor’s mailing address or email account from the GSDTF.

When forwarding your donation to the GSDTF, you can indicate the programs or projects you wish to support.

You can find out more about GSDTF’s activities or programs on our website at, advertisements on the local network channels and social media.

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