Grenada Sustainable Development Trust Fund Inc.


Eligible Recipients:

A variety of different types of recipients in Grenada will be eligible to receive grants from the GSDTF. All eligible organizations must be legally registered entities in Grenada and have the necessary organizational infrastructure to support implementation of the project, which includes:

  1. Have continuously maintained (for at least one year prior to the grant date) active operations in Grenada;
  2. Have administrative systems in place, preferably with financial statements available for the previous year;
  3. Have an institutional bank account;
  4. Have the necessary staff capacity to support project implementation; and
  5. In case it has previously received GSDTF’s grant funding, must have demonstrated clear success in meeting the objectives of the prior grant award within the terms of the relevant grant agreement. Recipients include:
    • Public sector agencies of the Government of Grenada responsible for the management of marine and/or terrestrial protected areas, natural resources management and biodiversity conservation;
    • Private sector organizations from relevant industries involved in marine and/or terrestrial ecosystem and biodiversity, protection, conservation and management;
    • Local and regional (Caribbean) academic institutions(e.g. Universities, colleges and high schools) conducting activities relevant to the goals and objectives of the GSDTF;
    • Local and regional (Caribbean) non-government organizations established and existing in Grenada for no less than three (3) years with an established track record of successful delivery of projects;
    • Local community–based associations or groups(e.g. fisher-folk associations, youth groups) established for no less than three (3) years), having a direct impact on, or whose activities directly relate to, marine or terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem resources; and
    • Other appropriate local entities of Grenada working toward the vision, mission, and goals of the GSDTF.

Eligible Activities:

The GSDTF will consider funding initiatives in the following areas which are elaborated in the Grantee
Guidance document:

  • Natural resources and biodiversity management activities
  • Climate Change adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk reduction
  • Livelihood
  • Public education awareness and outreach
  • Capacity building and technical support
  • Research activities focused on relevant conservation oriented issues
  • Policy efforts to strengthening the legal and policy framework for conservation of ecosystems and protected areas.
  • Basic equipment/tools related to specific natural resources and biodiversity
    management projects

Non-Eligible Activities:

Funds will not directly or indirectly be used for:

  •  Projects that conflict with existing government policies and stated
    conservation objectives;
  •  Project activities relating to the extraction or depletion of non-renewable
    natural resources (including forests, trees, mining of sand minerals and
  •  Salaries for executive officers and staff except for such salaries related to
    positions established specifically for the purpose of achieving the objectives
    of the grant;
  •  The purchase of land, the resettlement of people or the removal or alteration
    of any physical culture property under any circumstances;
  • Projects related to political campaigns and/or political propaganda;
  • Projects that violate provision on the Inter- American Convention on
    Corruption; and
  • Any other use not consistent with the general purpose of the GSDTF.

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